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John Piershale Wealth Management has selected Charles Schwab and Co., Inc. as primary custodian for our clients' accounts. ​By using Schwab as primary custodian, John Piershale Wealth Management has access to a wide range of products and services that help us serve our clients, including:

  • A Wide array of investment account types including retirement accounts, charitable giving, and education accounts.

  • Full range of investment options such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds, exchange traded funds, CDs and other investments.

  • Technology and service support so investors can access all their accounts online and view positions, balances and account histories in one place.



These materials have been independently produced by John Piershale Wealth Management. John Piershale Wealth Management is independent of, and has no affiliation with, Charles Schwab and Co., Inc. or any of its affiliates ("Schwab"). Schwab is a registered broker-dealer and member SIPC. Schwab has not created, supplied, licensed, endorsed, or otherwise sanctioned these materials nor has Schwab independently verified any of the information in them. John Piershale Wealth Management provides you with investment advice, while Schwab maintains custody of your assets in a brokerage account and will effect transactions for your account on your instruction.

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